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This week Michael will be in London michael kors outlet again to host michael kors outlet store Icons of Style, an event exploring the role of fashion in film over the past four decades, for which he has chosen three of his favourites Love Story, Almost Famous and the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair (for which he worked on the costume design). The female leads in each film Ali MacGraw, Kate Hudson and Rene Russo and the characters they play, are all regular sources of inspiration for him, he says.One of the three is always in my collection. But I michael kors outlet store see people on the street and at the airport who inspire me too,' he continues.I saw an older woman the other day in Florida, who had taken her cashmere muffler and pulled it through a big ring around her michael kors factory outlet neck. I thought that was cool it suddenly made her glamorous,' he enthuses.??You don't have to be famous to inspire Michael Kors. You might just pass me on the street.' Let's just hope you're carrying one of his handbags. Luxury has michael kors outlet online been the great goldrush of our times. In the age of the brand a new mindset has taken hold of the masses, one in which we are all "worth" the right phone, the right name on the sweatshirt, the right colour sole on a shoe. As a result, luxury has proved remarkably resilient, even during economic downturns. The response of brands has been, of course, to put prices up. michael kors outlet store And then put them up again. michael kors outlet canada Because if you can, why wouldn't you, right? In 2005, a Mulberry Bayswater handbag cost 495.

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today it sells for double that. It has become quite common for designer names and not just the michael kors online outlet storied likes of Herm¨¨s and Gucci, but essentially run-of-the-mill designer names to talk of including a few "entry-level" price points below 1,000, michael kors outlet "for younger customers". A whole new category has been invented, that of the 100 trinket the keyring, the iPhone cover, sometimes literally a michael kors outlet stores trinket to swing from a bag allowing consumers to "buy into" a brand. But the extraordinary price rises of the past decade have left a gap in the market. Anyone who ever sets foot beyond Sloane Street will observe that there are a huge number of stylish, fashion-conscious women who do not will not and, crucially, cannot pay 1,000-plus for a handbag. Another fact immediately obvious once you look around the real world is that almost michael kors outlet bags every single woman needs a handbag. So while a michael kors woman might splurge 100 on a trinket from her favourite brand, she is still in the market for a bag. This is where Michael Kors comes in. You'll have seen the name around, on the streets of London or Leeds. Spelt out in gold capitals, the Michael Kors logo swings from the arm of women who have just had a promotion and bought themselves a smart bag with their first pay cheque, from michael kors bags outlet women whose friends have clubbed michael kors outlet together to buy her a bag for her birthday.

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The bestselling Michael Michael Kors Selma bag sells for 260; this year's michael kors outlet online michael kors purses outlet updated version, the Sophie, for 345. The structured silhouette draws on the mythology of the Herm¨¨s Birkin trademark, Greatest Bag Of All Time while the contrasting colours used on the lozenge-shaped sides of the Sophie, along with the zip and deep-set handle stitchings, appeal to a fashion- savvy consumer who has had images of the C¨|line range etched on her retina over the michael kors canada outlet past few years but can't afford the 1,500 price tag.Michael Kors Sophie bag The Sophie. Photograph: Josephine Schiele But to succeed in the affordable It bag market, a bag needs to be aspirational as well as affordable. The bags funnel the gloss of the high-end Michael Kors brand, whose New York fashion week catwalk show is always a fiesta of front-row socialites, creating a name that feels glamorous to a hungry British audience. (The name of the more inexpensive michael kors purse outlet "Michael" Michael Kors brand seems designed to deliberately blur the line with the more pricey Michael Kors line. This is a contrast to, for example, Miu Miu, which has a standalone name and identity from the Prada michael kors outlet orlando mothership.) When Mulberry was selling handbags for under 500, Kate Moss was wearing them; I recently saw the beautiful young British model Malaika Firth, a current Vogue favourite, carrying a Michael Michael Kors Selma on to a plane. Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez have all been photographed with michael kors outlet online Selmas and Sophies.

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that not enough bags fulfillAnd the crossbody strap is adjustable Hot Michael Kors Outlet, Michael Kors save up 80%, Michael Kors Factory Outlet - Michael Kors Outlet Store and detachableI ended up paying about $80 for the Zara Mini City Bag (a keeper! Last worn here) which is no more impressive than the Reese on paper but my preference for the former's shape won out; the Zara purchase is hardly more responsible or well-considered but the financial damage and related utils derived from it is better justified,In bright raspberry,With grommets here (also in Cofee),This is a versatile piece which will work beautifully within any day bag,and black,this Bedford Pocket Tote from MICHAEL Michael Kors will elevate any michael kors outlet online store outfit,even beach essentials,We especially love it styled with a super-sleek little black dress for a glamorous after-dark look,I won't comment at length about their durability because I already discussed it in a previous post (and intermittently since then) and there is little difference in quality between styles,From casual days to formal affairs,Andmoving on to the Medium Messenger (shown below in "Mandarin," an orange-y red that is very vibrant in person)The medium messenger is a good size for weekend use but again I feel the size might be slightly too small for chronic overpackers like me,They have classic lines,Crafted from sumptuous leather that only gets better with time,Invest in timeless style with the Jet Set Travel Top Zip Tote from Michael Kors,Work classic chic into your everyday looks with the Riley Satchel from MICHAEL Michael Kors,Styled with a single top handle,Rendered in richly smooth calf leather,With its textured black leather finished with gold-toned hardware,With a 15%-25% off discount (the typical discount for friends & family sales or a first-time email subscriber bonus),Constructed with a roomy interior and ample pockets,consider Ava the quintessence of quiet glamour,the stamping on the hardware is michael kors outlet negligible,A smart choice for organising your essentials,Add a touch of feminine elegance michael kors outlet online to your handbag line-up with the Marlow Satchel bag from Michael Kors.